Oryon Solutions is a software house that builds composable business solutions. One key feature? They can be assembled by each customer according to their specific business needs and strategy. We aim to democratize state-of-the-art technology, making it accessible regardless of size or investment power. These tools also aim to deliver an extraordinary experience to customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Every business is different. Some need in-depths solutions in one aspect, some in another. With Oryon, each company can choose product by product, module by module, how complete and detailed they want their solution to be. And, by applying only the functionalities that matter to their specific needs and their business strategy, they get a cost-efficient and easy to use solution.

Tailor-made for you; a totally flexible solution. You get what every company wants, an extraordinary ROI. It is cost-effective, as you only pay for what you chose and according to your usage. As the features are chosen according to business strategy, the solution is kept lean, turning it easy to use and easy to adopt by employees.


As the visionary behind your business, you possess an unparalleled understanding of its intricacies and nuances. Your intimate knowledge of the greatest needs and potential areas for improvement uniquely positions you to discern the missing pieces necessary to complete the puzzle of success.

In essence, you become the architect of your own solution by strategically choosing modules that enhance efficiency and foster seamless collaboration within your team. A unique combination made by you, with the best stars in the universe.

To foster the robust growth of your company's outcomes and the attainment of its objectives, we endeavor to implement strategic measures and tailored solutions.


Having collaborated with numerous companies spanning diverse sectors, our extensive experience underscores the inherent truth that needs naturally vary across industries.

Invariably, opportunities for business optimization persist, enabling the identification of recurrent patterns that delineate a common thread. Oryon, through meticulous analysis and segmentation endeavors, proffers predefined compositions poised to serve as a resolute solution aligned with your specific requisites.

We hereby introduce a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate an unwavering focus on the adept management of your company.



Freedom to pick and choose the modules you need for a tailor-made solution without any unnecessary costs and complexity.



Pricing model based on licensing and consumption. Financially flexible, use and control your usage, which means small usage for better savings.



Even without IT knowledge or a dedicated team, the platform can be used by everyone. The solution will evolve with the company.



Information searchable and accessible across all the organization anytime, anywhere.